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Resolutions for Horses and People in 2013

I’m Alive!


Apologies for the huge massive insane delays in posting… life took the reins for a while and keeping up with posts got a bit tricky, but I’m back! And I plan on writing up more about current horse events and relevant equestrian news!

So in the mean time, here are some resolutions you and your horse can make in 2013, based on real events (which are succinctly summarized, I promise) in equestrian news:

  1. Don’t let your horse be a designated driver: If you are intoxicated, keep your feet on the ground.¬†In Florida, a man was recently arrested for ‘drunk driving’ his horse to his grandmother’s house and fleeing from police officers when he was asked to dismount. To read more about it, click here.
  2. Ride more: it’s good for your mental health. Though there is still some debate on the exact effectiveness of riding from a ¬†psychological perspective, it has been recognized that riding does provide a positive impact on humans. To read the exact details, click here.
  3. Give a warm welcome to Donald Trump. Though Trump has had his fair share of negative press for the number of uses of the phrase ‘You’re fired’ and his less-than-flattering comments about Rosie O’Donnell, he did make quite a stir with the Trump $100,000 Invitational Grand Prix in Mar-A-Lago, FL. As a special treat, The Voice winner Cassadee Pope performed to kick off the event, drawing in some non-equestrian fans’ attention to the sport. Raising somewhere in the ballpark of $1.4 million for charity, just about the only person who didn’t enjoy the event was Trump’s lawn. Click here for the full story.

Some other resolutions you can make (not based on news events)

  1. Always ride with a buddy on trails. You might feel like John Wayne galloping off into the sunset alone, but if you fall off, it’s going to be a long lonely walk home.
  2. Don’t wipe your polished boots with glycerin soap. It will wash the polish off and you’ll just have to polish the suckers again.
  3. Throw away the twinkle toes, and step away from the ‘blaze paint‘. Your horse will thank me later. Leave the glitter to the pony kids.
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