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Hello, my name is Charlotte Kellogg (my friends call me Chaz)! I am a graduate of Goucher College, and was a former Goucher Equestrian Team Tri-Captain alongside Karli Postel ’13 and Amory Brandt ’12. I am was writing this blog as an assignment for my senior year communications class, but have decided to continue posting as I pursue a career in PR / Social Media / Marketing in New York City. I would someday love to work for a major equestrian blog or magazine. In addition to my intense love of horses, I love learning about technology and music…and am an addict of music and tech blogs like MyTechLetter and the Appguppy tumblr!


I began riding when I was five, and have since developed a love for horses that transcends the boundaries of competitive equestrian events, and has led me to gain an appreciation for the incredible therapeutic benefits of interacting with horses. When I am not competing alongside the Goucher Equestrian team, I compete as an individual in New Jersey aboard CrackerJack, a horse who has been with me for over nine years.


Enjoy! Feel free to leave as many suggestions as you feel might be helpful! Thanks!!

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6 thoughts on “About The Author

  1. If you’re interested in equine media, check out student membership in American Horse Publications (www.americanhorsepubs.org). There is an active program for students. Our 2012 seminar is in Williamsburg, VA, and it’s great fun and excellent networking.

    I’m the editor of USDF Connection magazine. Would be happy to talk with you reunion weekend.

    Jennifer Olson Bryant ’87

  2. alcoz001 says:

    Update your ‘About Me’ section college graduate!

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