Hay Prices Go Up, Many Horses Seek New Homes

As you may have heard recently, hay prices have been going up due to high temperatures this year, making it increasingly harder to feed and maintain horses. In a recent article by WTRF.com, it is estimated that it can cost as much as $1,000 to keep a horse fed: a price many Columbus, Ohio residents are finding they cannot afford.

Image courtesy of The Columbus Dispatch

With the skyrocketing hay prices, many try to avoid neglect of horses while footing a very steep bill. Image courtesy of The Rural Blog

Even local rescue ranch Last Chance Corral in Athens is at full capacity and cannot afford to take in any more horses. She is not alone, as several other programs have had to turn away horses, often to meat buyers who sell the horses into slaughter. In an article from the Columbus Dispatch, its founder Victoria Goss says that the rising cost of maintaining horses has even impacted her ability to find rescue horses a good home: adoptions of horses ‘have dropped, from 75 to 100 a year to between 50 and 75‘(actual statistic mentioned in article). Christina Bennett of Triple B Ranch, which operates out of Chillicothe, says that it has been a challenge to keep horses out of slaughter houses because of financial strain on the ranch:

“A lot of the funds (this year) have been coming out of my paycheck, and I haven’t had a raise for 10 years.” Christina Bennett, The Columbus Dispatch

If there were ever a time to help horses in need, now would be that time.

Take a moment of time at the websites of these horse-rescue centers in need, and see if you can’t spare the $5 you spend on your morning latte:

Triple B Ranch

Last Chance Corral

Circle P Sanctuary

Angel’s Haven Horse Rescue

West Wind Stables Horse Rescue

WHINNY Horse Rescue

Serenity Horse Rescue

You can also find a ton more by simple googling ‘horse rescue’ for more in your area

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