Rafalca Jokes Aside?

Ann Romney and her horse “Super Hit”. Image courtesy of Washington Post

In an article in the Wall Street Journal’s Washington Wire, it was released that a recent ad featuring Rafalca was pulled from the air. The ad, which featured criticising remarks about Romney’s tax return statements also showed footage of Rafalca competing in dressage events. It’s no secret that horseback riding is an impressively expensive sport, but in a statement by President Barack Obama, it was mentioned that he considered the ad was in bad taste and said he was against personal attacks on family members. In an interview with Good Morning America, Mrs. Romney’s hurt reaction caused concern that the ad hit too close to home: Mrs. Romney uses dressage to combat her multiple sclerosis and has spoken about its benefits in public before. Have we had the last laugh about the Romneys?

Ann Romney and Rafalca, who will be competing in the London 2012 Olympics. Image courtesy of The New Yorker.

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4 thoughts on “Rafalca Jokes Aside?

  1. alcoz001 says:

    I think that hippo-therapy is a perfectly reasonable alternative therapy treatment for many disorders, including MS, but the message of the commercial was regarding the refusal of the Romneys to release their tax returns. A recent article in the Washington Post (http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/she-the-people/post/sorry-but-ann-romney-and-michelle-obama-are-full-campaign-partners-and-totally-fair-game/2012/07/19/gJQAqpUlwW_blog.html?hpid=z5) has also made some very interesting points about the naivete of keeping first ladies off-limits while they are taking such active roles.

    We are currently in a catch-22 situation, Ann Romney can actively campaign for her husband and fund raise, yet is off limits. I don’t think she should personally be targeted, but if their joint finances are being withheld from the public, her equestrian passion points to a wealth that is also being withheld from the public. The partisan media machine is turning this into an attack on Ann Romney, which I personally don’t believe was the ad’s intention.

  2. Beth says:

    Well-said, Alcoz.

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