UPDATE: Wallis Sets Her Sights on Rockville

You may remember previously that I had mentioned an ‘undisclosed’ location for the proposed Unified Equine slaughterhouse. Well, it has now been confirmed that Sue Wallis intends to end horses lives in Rockville, MO.

A horse like this one, could be chopped up and shipped to Europe sooner than you think. Image courtesy of the LA Times.

It has been alleged that Wallis has chosen this city, whose population is only 150, to reduce the chance of retaliation; the city may be too small to fight back. The building, which was once a beef slaughterhouse was formerly owned by Sharlene Mott. After being purchased by Hormel, then put out of business, it has been noted that this plant could offer up many new jobs to a town. When the original beef plant was closed down, a significant number of employees lost their jobs. Apparently, the citizens of Rockville are ‘excited’ for this business opportunity. In a public statement, Wallis stated that “We are excited to be bringing jobs and opportunity to rural Missouri” adding that they were also “even happier to provide a humane and viable option to the horse industry, decimated by misguided efforts to end humane horse slaughter.”

Unified Equine CEO Sue Wallis is excited to bring business to Rockville, MO. Image courtesy of Straight From The Horse’s Heart.

However if slaughtering horses is a ‘humane’ or ‘viable’ option, Wallis may want to brace herself for some hard facts. You may also remember that in my previous article I mentioned a concern posited by Valerie Pringle. Horses sent to slaughter with Phenylbutazone in their system could produce meat that is toxic for human consumption. This concern hasn’t (from what I have researched) been addressed in any public statement by Wallis or Unified Equine (whose information page is still comically blank). To add insult to injury, a public statement made by Sharlene Mott has left some skeptical on exactly how ‘humanely’ these horses may be treated when they enter the newly renovated slaughterhouse:

“What’s the difference?  Cows, horses, rabbits, butcher something; we don’t care.” -Sharlene Mott

The Rockville plant is now being retrofitted and prepared for a USDA inspection, and I suppose its only a matter of time before the residents of Rockville get their chance to ‘butcher something’.

Perhaps a collective reaction from horses everywhere. Image courtesy of Daily Haha.

Whats your feeling on this? Just comment, seriously.

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