Atrocities At Aqueduct

Since last year, the Aqueduct casino and racetrack in Queens, NY has been experiencing a staggering rate of horse injuries, deaths, and equine contestants are reported to have a staggeringly high number of injections previous to hitting the turf. On March 3rd, three year-old hopeful Wes Vegas took to the track only to break his leg in the first turn and be euthanized. A week previous, four year-old Coronado Heights suffered a fatal breakdown, largely attributed to an ‘early degenerative disease’. Horses like these are reported to have received as many as 13 drug injections, many of which are used to mask pain and help sore horses run more comfortably. However, these practices often come with disastrous results.

Pictured: though not a victim of Aqueduct, Eight Belles suffered a fatal injury at Churchill Downs in 2008. Image courtesy of Tuesdays Horse.

New York race fans have become increasingly outraged at the unethical running of horses that are either too sore or too old to race, and Congress has now begun to debate whether to take action in the result of these deaths. Amid the drama, it was also released that in addition to the horrifying number of horses going down on the Aqueduct race track, over $8.5 million dollars and winning had been knowingly withheld from bettors at both the Belmont and Aqueduct racetrack.

Pictured: The Aqueduct Racetrack and Casino. Image courtesy of NY Press

Perhaps to attempt to save face, two tweets were sent out to the general public to disclose that $3 million had been raised for New York State education and that the state of New York might see a potential 17,000 jobs created in the next year. That aside, hopefully the increased number of racetrack fatalities will make racing fans more hesitant to bring their wallets to tracks where drugged-up unfit athletes are galloped to slaughter.

What’s your take on this issue? Let me know in the comments!

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