Horses In Mountain Grove Can Rest Easy

With the recent lifting of the horse slaughter ban,  horse lovers everywhere have begun to grit their teeth at the prospect of living in a town where horse slaughter plants could crop up. One such town in southwest Missouri, Mountain Grove, angrily shouted down the prospect of one coming to their town on Tuesday, March 13, 2012. After Sue Wallis and Belgian company Chevideco (please be advised that images of horsemeat are listed on this site) approached the town with the prospect of opening a plant that could slaughter as many as 400 horses for human consumption. Met with outrage, Wallis has stated that she and Chevideco will look elsewhere and look forward to starting production.

Pictured is a Missouri Fox Trotter Stallion, a smooth-gaited breed which originated from the Ozark Foothills.

(It is unsurprising that Missouri would object to a slaughterhouse, as it is home to the prized Missouri Foxtrotter breed. The breed, which originated in the Ozark Foothills is prized for its smooth unique gait and even temperament)

The official logo for Unified Equine. Image courtesy of Unified Equine...whose website appears to be down.

Unified Equine, Sue Wallis’s initiative to start horse slaughter production in the United States in order to reduce the number of horses shipped to other countries for slaughter. Until the ban was lifted,it was common that unwanted horses would be sold at auctions to ‘kill buyers’ who would them ship them to Mexico and Canada for slaughter. Now that the ban in the United States is lifted, this does reduce the number of horses that would be riding in a crammed trailer for hours to be killed across the border. However, slaughtering horses is not an easy thing to stomach. If you are easily made squeamish, I would advise you stop reading here. (spaces have been added for those who do not wish to see the following content)










Image courtesy of Animal Rescue Unit.

Would you allow horse slaughter in your backyard? Sound off in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Horses In Mountain Grove Can Rest Easy

  1. Mary McNichols says:

    NO, NO, NO to horse slaughter

  2. […] may remember reading a while back  about Sue Wallis trying to set up a horse slaughter plant in Mountain Grove, MO. She eventually abandoned that idea due to how outraged the locals were. Sadly, that isn’t […]

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