Givenchy ‘Tisci’: A ‘Sexy Take’, But Not On Horseback Riding

As Givenchy launches its new line ‘Tisci’, equestrians like myself struggle to understand how this new collection could possibly claim to be ‘equestrian’. In a recent article, the collection claimed to reference ‘sporting polos’, ‘horse blinders’, and ‘jodphurs’. In my previous article about equestrian fashion, I laid out my opinions regarding the mindless ‘equestrian fashion’ parade of unrealistic and dysfunctional fashion being produced as ‘equestrian’ garments.This new ‘Tisci’ line is no exception. Here are some ‘looks’ from Tisci’s latest runway show.

The only reference I can see in this 'Tisci' line garment are the dizzingly obvious 'riding boot' riff that seems to be abysmally popular for brands that wish to wave the 'equestrian flag' and distinguish themselves from other fashion brands. A boot, is a boot, is a not uniquely 'equestrian'. Image courtesy of Idaho Statesman.


In this look, there is a clear attempt to reference 'riding pants', though realistically, trying to ride in anything made entirely made of leather is not only foolishly's not comfortable or all that attractive. This top, is in no way shape or form a reflection of any 'sporting polos' I am aware of. Again, the boots are the only clear reference to 'equestrian fashion' that I can glean. Image courtesy of International Business Times.


Here are three looks from the line that puzzle me even further: on the far left, is the most plausible 'equestrian' garment I have seen from any of the stills taken from the show. Here we see ACTUAL and PLAUSIBLE 'riding pants' with realistic-seeming 'tall boots' (the real name for riding boots, in case you wanted to know), and ignoring the 'pelt', a believable riding 'shirt' (though in no way a 'sporting shirt'). The next...."look", offers a slightly less persuasive argument: There are leather...'accents' that are perhaps referencing 'tack' (horse equipment, for those new to the horse world), and the expected 'riding boots' which are in no way believably meant for 'riding'. The gloves....seem to be nothing more but a fetishization of traditional riding gloves (which, are never longer than your wrist unless you are planning on riding something other than a horse), and here we see the 'horse blinder' earrings....which appear to be nothing more than an excuse to make big misshapen earrings. The third ensemble does not even deserve explanation, and is should be clear to equestrians that this look is completely unrelated to equestrian sportswear, leisure wear,or any functional wear...except maybe, once again, for riding in the bedroom. Image courtesy of FabSugar.


What is your take on the new Givenchy line? Sound off in the comments below!

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